2017: Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize

2015: 3rd place- Freedom Art Prize

2015: Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize

2014: Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize

2013: Winner of the Oxford Art Prize

2012: Winner of the Oxford Art Prize 


Solo Exhibitions

2017: What is Love?, The Old Growler

2015: A Colourful X, GKJE Gallery 1

2014: Pollie Cracker, Blacklisted Gallery

2014: Silent Words, 5 Boroughs

2012: Art by Jenna Bloom, Tap Gallery 

2011: Art by Jenna Bloom, Elrocco Room


           Group Exhibitions


           2015: Urban Art -Parked!, North Sydney

           2015: Stencil Art Prize, Ambush Gallery

           2015: SSOSVA, Tap Gallery

           2015: Freedom Art Awards, Tap Gallery

           2014: Stencil Art Prize, Ambush Gallery

           2012: City Slickers, City RSL



2014:  'Sydney Stencils'

                      eBook by Jacinta Fintan

Jenna YoNa Bloom

(b.1984 Johannesburg South Africa, emigrated to Sydney, Australia – 1987).


YoNa is a self-taught artist from Sydney, Australia.


YoNa has the unique ability to capture, and stencilise, the essence of the individuals she takes the time to meet.


She has a strong passion for social issues and is known for her exploration of, and social commentary on topical issues.


Her work covers political commentary, capturing history and spreading social messages about love and peace. 

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