2015: 3rd place- Freedom Art Prize

2015: Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize

2014: Finalist in the Stencil Art Prize

2013: Winner of the Oxford Art Prize

2012: Winner of the Oxford Art Prize 


Solo Exhibitions

2017: What is Love?, The Old Growler

2015: A Colourful X, GKJE Gallery 1

2014: Pollie Cracker, Blacklisted Gallery

2014: Silent Words, 5 Boroughs

2012: Art by Jenna Bloom, Tap Gallery 

2011: Art by Jenna Bloom, Elrocco Room


           Group Exhibitions


           2015: Urban Art -Parked!, North Sydney

           2015: Stencil Art Prize, Ambush Gallery

           2015: SSOSVA, Tap Gallery

           2015: Freedom Art Awards, Tap Gallery

           2014: Stencil Art Prize, Ambush Gallery

           2012: City Slickers, City RSL



2014:  'Sydney Stencils'

                      eBook by Jacinta Fintan

Jenna YoNa Bloom

(b.1984 Johannesburg South Africa, emigrated to Sydney, Australia – 1987).


YoNa is a self-taught spray paint, stencil artist from Sydney, Australia.


YoNa has the unique ability to capture, and stencilise, the essence of the individuals she takes the time to meet.


She has a strong passion for social issues and is known for her exploration of, and social commentary on topical issues, often from a satirical angle.

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